How to Create the Perfect Party Playlist

How to Create the Perfect Party Playlist

It’s important you cater to all tastes (or at least a good portion of them). So, make sure you leave some time to put together that perfect playlist.

Top Tips on Configuring Your Playlist

Consider the main purpose of the event. This is the most important point to consider. If the party is in aid of a group celebration, start by choosing some music that is suitable. For example, if it’s a leaving party, maybe throw in a couple of songs like ‘So Long, Farewell’, or ‘Goodbye My Friend’.

If it’s for someone’s birthday, start by adding in a load of their favorite tunes, as well as maybe some from the actual year they were born. If you need some inspiration, Amazon has a big library of songs to get you started.

Think about age groups. Once you have the main person or reason for the party covered, it’s time to start building that playlist. Next, you should begin thinking of what age groups will be attending and try to add in a few classics for each.

Know the duration of the party. An easy but fatal mistake to make is not to have enough songs on the playlist to last the whole event. While you can, of course, repeat the same playlist, it’s always better to have a more than less.

Ask guests for requests. It’s also a good idea to have extra resources at hand to allow guests to pick and choose their own top tunes should they want to.

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